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The National Gratitude League
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The National Gratitude League

The National Gratitude League NGL Toolkit

The NGL Toolkit

The National Gratitude League (NGL) Toolkit provides you with everything you need to become a certified NGL member. Inside, you will find a long list of people you can appreciate, an NGL completion form, certificates, and so much more! 

Gratitude...Boosts Morale
When people feel appreciated, it boosts their morale and self-esteem. This can lead to increased confidence and a positive outlook on life.
Gratitude...Enhances Relationships
Expressing gratitude strengthens relationships by fostering trust and mutual respect. It can improve personal and professional connections.
Gratitude...Reduces Stress
Being appreciated can reduce stress and anxiety. It makes people feel valued and lessens the burden of daily challenges.
Gratitude...Increases Motivation
Recognizing and appreciating someone's efforts can motivate them to continue working hard and excel in their endeavors.
Gratitude...Promotes Well-being
A culture of appreciation contributes to overall well-being. It helps individuals feel happier and more satisfied with their lives.
Gratitude...Improves Mental Health
Gratitude has been linked to improved mental health, including reduced symptoms of depression and increased feelings of happiness.
Gratitude...Fosters Positivity
Expressing appreciation creates a positive atmosphere that can be contagious, leading to a more optimistic and harmonious community.
Gratitude...Encourages Kindness
When people experience appreciation, they are more likely to pay it forward, spreading kindness and positivity to others.
Gratitude...Strengthens Teamwork
In a workplace or community setting, showing appreciation can strengthen teamwork and collaboration, leading to improved productivity and problem-solving.
Gratitude...Reduces Conflict
Recognizing and appreciating the efforts of others can diffuse conflicts and disagreements, leading to more harmonious interactions.
Gratitude...Enhances Leadership
Leaders who express appreciation tend to inspire and motivate their team, leading to more engaged and loyal followers.
Gratitude...Creates a Sense of Belonging
Feeling appreciated fosters a sense of belonging and inclusion, making individuals feel like an integral part of a group or community.
Gratitude...Improves Health
Studies have shown that gratitude can have physical health benefits, including lower blood pressure, better sleep, and a stronger immune system.
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What is The National Gratitude League?

The National Gratitude League (NGL) is a global movement inspired by the life-changing process of the 8 to Great book and educational programs. Our journey began with our belief in the transformative power of gratitude and appreciation. We are dedicated to our mission to inspire people of all ages to embrace appreciation as a way of life. 

Appreciation brings an abundance of benefits at no cost to you but your time. Our full NGL Toolkit is available to download here and includes access to printable activities, certificates, and more! You’ll also have the option to purchase NGL thank you cards, and wristbands or bring in an NGL speaker.

Below, you’ll find a list of people who are rarely thanked: postal workers, grocery store clerks, bus drivers, custodians, principals, school secretaries, nurses, farmers, coaches, etc. Review the list and decide if you’d like to become part of this global movement.

If yes, there are three options for joining the National Gratitude League: 

  1. Walk up to 8 people you don’t often thank and say something like, Thank you. I appreciate you!” or something similar. This can be done over one week or one month.


  2. Hand out an appreciation card to 8 people (available at that says those words.


  3. Write a short thank you note to 8 people and deliver them.

Once you have completed the above with 8 people, there are
three ways to celebrate joining the League: 

  1. Print out an NGL Certificate and have a witness sign it. (available in the NGL Toolkit)
  2. Proudly wear an NGL wristband (available at
  3. Share about one of your experiences here. 

It’s for kindergarteners to senior citizens. The National Gratitude League is for everyone!

Our mission is to inspire people of all ages to embrace appreciation as a way of life. 

NGL Toolkit

Become an NGL Certified School

The National Gratitude League Certified Schools or Districts use The NGL tools to create a culture of gratitude and appreciation. They demonstrate a commitment to fostering positive, respectful, and appreciative school environments where all students thrive.

You can become a National Gratitude League Certified School District in five simple steps:

1. Sign up your school or district by contacting us at

2. Add The National Gratitude League Launch Date to your school or district calendar.

3. Post The National Gratitude League Challenge on your website.

4. Promote and encourage schoolside or district wide participation in The National Gratitude League Challenge.

5. Share 1 or more success stories of how The National Gratitude League Challenge impacted your students, staff or school by emailing us or submitting your story here.

The National Gratitude League NGL Toolkit

Why schools are signing on...