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NGL Cards: A Tool for Improving Retention, Productivity and Employee Morale

Employees The National Gratitude League NGL Cards
A Tool for Improving Retention, Productivity and Employee Morale

Can sharing a few Thank you cards really make a difference in a work culture? These studies say it can.

Retention: According to the US Dept. of Labor, the main reason that people quit their jobs is not for more money or time off. The reason they leave is a perceived lack of recognition and appreciation, and they are resigning by the thousands to find them. Every employer knows the price tag to replace them is high.     

Productivity: Gallup research has shown that when team members are basically ignored, disengagement the resulting low productivity rates average around 40%. When the focus is on weaknesses and negative feedback, the disengagement rates average 22%. However, when the focus by managers and team members is on recognition and appreciation, the disengagement rate drops to just 1%!
Employee Morale: A 2023 Gallup study shows that only one in four employees say their organization cares about their wellbeing. Not only do random acts of appreciation create greater camaraderie, they bring people closer, reducing stress and preventing burnout.

Our research shows the importance of writing a personal note on the back of the cards. Some possible implementations could include:

  • An office-by-office challenge for the most cards handed out among the organization and its clients, the best stories, the best results in productivity, etc. 
  • A challenge by the CEO to the top managers to give out one or more each week to those living the values of the organization
  • Creating a ritual at departmental meetings to publicly appreciate those making a difference and who don’t always get recognized.  

Your ideas? Questions? Send them our way, along with your success stories to

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