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The National Gratitude League
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NGL Cards: A Prescription Option for Health and Wellness Practitioners

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The National Gratitude League - a prescription for pain and illness?

The National Gratitude League – a prescription for pain and illness? 

When asked what was the underlying cause of their patient’s pain and illness, the most common answers from 40 physicians were: 

  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Depression  

In study after study, expressing gratitude throughout the day has been found to reduce all three of the above….with no side effects. 

That’s why health and wellness practitioners around the country are handing out 8 NGL cards to so many of their patients and clients. 

Typically, a conversation goes like this: 

“I would like to give you a challenge.

You have so much to give, and I would like to help you turn the light back on inside of you. So my challenge is that you find 8 people in the next month to give one of these cards to. Then fill out this form with who you gave them to. Once you have 8, bring the sheet in and tell me a story of one of your exchanges. Then I’d like to sign a certificate with your name on it. 

Would you be willing to give that a try?”  

Send us your questions, your personal way of using the cards, and/or your success stories to

Thank you! 

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