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NGL Cards: A Discipline Option for School Administrators

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Gratitude - a discipline consequence? It’s true...and it works! 

Gratitude – a discipline consequence? It’s true…and it works! 

Principals around the country are making sharing the 8 NGL cards their go-to discipline option. 

Typically, a conversation with a student goes something like this: 


Either you can spend time in detention 3 days this week OR

You can find 8 people in the next 7 days to give this card to and fill out this form with who you gave them to. You’ll have one week to complete this form with the folks you gave the card to or you’ll be in detention 3 days next week.  

If I discover that you gave out one of the cards insincerely, you’ll spend 5 days in detention. 

Any questions?” 

NOTE: We have found this only works if the administrator agrees to handing out his/her 8 cards during this time frame as well to normalize the behavior. 

Questions? Send them our way, along with your success stories to

Thank you! 

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